Turn the Page: Pt 02


The tale of Theresa 'Terri' Murphy continues in Chicago. It's now a month since she and her husband Dean had relocated there from Savannah for his work. The quiet, introverted young wife had experienced an awakening during her time in the South. She had met an older man namedDontrell, connecting over their shared passion for reading. This passion for literature combined with Terri's loneliness and deeply repressed desires had culminated in a torrid sexual affair with Dontrell assuming the role of her Black Daddy andTerri becoming his Baby girl.

Since the move Terri had remained in contact with Dontrell via email. However, their correspondence during the last 4 weeks has been closer in nature to their relationship prior to them having sex, consisting of them talking about upcoming books, what they were currently reading and generic statements about what was happening with Terri and her new place in Chicago. Dontrell had studiously avoided talking about sex or enquiring as to Terri's plans to seek out more encounters in Chicago. Terri had been kept quite busy with the move and Dean had been very attentive to her, he had sensed her upset over leaving Savannah and was doing his best to keep her happy and content. Due to this she hadn't had the opportunity to use the cell phone Dontrell had gifted her before she left Savannah.

It wasn't solely a lack of opportunity that had kept the cell phone, hidden from Dean's attention in a washbag filled with cosmetics. Terri had also been racked with guilt over her antics with 'Uncle' Jay during her last fortnight in Savannah. Her cheating on Dean with Dontrell had seemed rational based on their connection and friendship but the threesome followed by four subsequent one on one meetings with Jay had been purely about pleasure. She worried about this new side of her, this need that was like an itch at the back of her mind, intruding into her idle thoughts during the day. These thoughts distracted her as she read and twisted like a serpent into her dreams at night so that she would wake disorientated and flustered.

For a month the cell phone had remained hidden among lipsticks, eyeliners and creams. For a month Terri had wondered about BU Chicago - Black Uncle Chicago. Wondered about his identify and about his cock.

Chapter 1:

"Un huh, uh huh, yeah I know...yes, yes I understand. Ok, well as soon as you can. Yeah, I know. Yes, love you too", Terri just managed to get to squeeze in the last 3 words as she heard Dean disconnect the call. Another late night for him then, another night alone for her. To Dean's credit he had only just gotten pulled back into his usual pattern of overwork in the last week. Prior to that he had made an effort to be home early for dinner, make conversation and even make love more often since the move to Chicago.

Thinking about Dean making love, Terri closed her eyes momentarily, her thoughts flitting away from the image her husbands naked body to picture instead Dontrell emerging naked and wet from a shower, his thick cock hardening....no, no, no. Terri opened her eyes and gave herself a mental slap. She couldn't start thinking about that because it just brought her down and she had to stay positive. Dontrell's friendship had lifted her spirits when she needed it most and it would be a betrayal to both him and herself if she fell back to the way she had been before.

She glanced at her watch, not quite lunchtime, and already Dean had rung to say he'd be late so that would probably mean after 10pm before he got in. Chicago in October wasn't exactly terrible weather-wise, but she still didn't feel like wrapping up against the wind to go sightseeing. Especially as it looked like it was going to rain later in the day. Reading was out, the silence only led to thoughts of sex. Shopping was also not an option, she hated standing alone in stores watching groups of friends interact and have fun, so that also ruled out going to a café for lunch.

Her make up bag flashed into her mind, it was shoved to the back of the bottom drawer in the vanity table in the bedroom, rarely used as she generally sported a 'natural' look. Distracted, Terri wandered into the kitchen and turned on the kettle, leaning against the counter. She stood there, not moving, barely blinking, until the steam from the kettle began to curl across her face causing her to move position- to take action!Terri turned on her heel and made it 5 paces towards the bedroom before she had a change of mind. She swung around, grabbed a cup and some instant coffee from a shelf. Opening the jar of coffee, she started to reach for a spoon, her hand hoveringabove it... considering, then another change of mind had her heading back to the bedroom the open jar of coffee still in hand.

She emerged from her bedroom and headed back into the kitchen, her make up bag clutched against her stomach. Placing it on the kitchen table she decided to finish one task at a time and so finally made herself a strong cup of coffee before taking a seat at the table. The cell phone was still where she had left it, right at the bottom of the bag. She fished it out, powered it on and scrolled to the contact's section.

She sat there, her head cradled by her hands, staring at the cell phone in front of her. Exhaling slowly Terri considered her options. A phone call to someone she had never met was more than her nerves could handle. To avoid an uncomfortable first conversation, or at least to delay it happening, Terri opted to instead send a text to BU Chicago.

"Hi" she typed, "This is Baby Girl, Dontrell's friend from Savannah. I am looking for my Uncle".

She sipped at her coffee and stared at the phone, willing it to ring or signal a text and yet dreading the reality of it doing so. Terri was just finishing her coffee when the phone chirped with a text received notification. Opening it she read.

"About time, I expected to hear from you weeks ago. I'm your Uncle Leroy. Welcome to Chi Town."

As she finished reading a second text arrived.

"Not alone so can't talk much right now".

Terri opted to keep the phone switched on while Dean wasn't at home, hoping there was little risk involved in that. She made herself a bite to eat and settled down with a book, a travel log on Florence Italy, one she had read many times before but she often revisited previously read books when she needed the comfort of the familiar. Her eyes skimmed over the pages, barely registering the words, distracted as she was by constantly glancing at the phone beside her. 'Jesus', she thought to herself, 'how far gone am I?' She pushed the phone to the middle of the table, out of sight but not out of mind and tried again to read.

A text response came after 3pm.

"Sorry I couldn't talk properly earlier. So, you free tomorrow for some family face to face time"?

"Yes of course" Terri typed back, "When and where"?

A few minutes passed before Leroy answered again. This time he also posed a request.

"10am tomorrow at the entrance to Garfield Park conservatory. Your Black Daddy told me you were an obedient Baby Girl, prove it! Get naked, take a photo and send it to me right now at the email address I am attaching".

Terri stared at the message. Send a nude photo? What if it ended up online? But what if she didn't do it, would he still meet her the next day? Her need to please overruled her caution so she went back to her bedroom and stripped off before the mirror that served as a door to one of the closets in there. Critically she tried a few different poses, searching for one that pleased her. The way that Dontrell and Jay had reacted to her had instilled a lot more confidence in her looks but there was still that little voice that whispered quiet negativity inside her brain.

The Savannah summer had taken some of the stark paleness from her unblemished skin, so while not tanned she at least no longer looked as if she was constantly hiding indoors. It had also lightened her blonde hair somewhat, the short Pixie cut with her petite frame giving her an elfin appearance. High, firm breasts which at 34D were big on her slender body, toned stomach and legs from running, a neatly trimmed triangle of pubic hair... turning slightly she had to admit even her critical side could see no flaw in her round tight ass.

Terri settled on posing slightly turned to one side, her long fringe covering one side of her face in a faint attempt at anonymity. Once she had taken it, she emailed it to Uncle Leroy.

She hoped he would respond quickly to her photo but after nearly an hour there was still nothing. Terri, sitting on the bed still nude under her robe, began to panic. Her self-doubts began to grow as she considered that he might not find her attractive or worse, had she sent the picture to the wrong email. She reached for the phone to triple check she had sent it properly when the email alert sounded. It was from him. There was no subject line or text, just a video file.

Opening the file, she was delighted to see a large black cock being stroked rapidly. The cock's owner panned the camera along its length which looked to be at least as big as Dontrell's if not bigger. The camera was pulled back then to show the lower torso of the man reflected in a bathroom mirror. A sink under the mirror was supporting an A4 color print of Terri's nude picture, a second print beside it was another picture, a close up of Terri's face- Perhaps one Dontrell had sent him? Terri watched enraptured, mesmerized by the masturbation scene. Finally, after what seemed an age, the hand stoking the cock sped up momentarily before gripping the shaft as it spat out wads of cum over both prints before zooming in, the last drops captured, milked out, obscuring Terri's mouth.

Terri hadn't even noticed that her free hand had drifted to undo her robe until the video ended. She pressed play again, as she lay back on the bed, her right index finger pushing inside herself as the cock came into view on the screen.

Chapter 2:

It was about 40 minutes between bus rides and walking to get from her apartment in the Dearborn park area to the Conservatory. Terri had opted to dress for warmth and so had abandoned her first idea of a dress and instead wore tight jeans, a plain white t-shirt and a knee length grey tweed coat to block out the cutting wind.

She stood side on to the entrance of the large building that housed Chicago's botanical gardens, her head turning left andright to track people entering and leaving the building. She tried to not to focus on the futility of attempting to spot a man she didn't know. Terriconsidered briefly stepping inside, there weren't many people around at this time of the morning, so a lone woman stood outside seemed conspicuous. Still, that was probably the point.

The waiting made her consider the situation again, maybe for the hundredth time since she woke that morning. She was standing in the autumn chill of a Chicago morning, waiting to meet a man she didn't know, couldn't identify, and why? For sex! Dontrell she understood, there was a connection there. Jay, well she sort of understood because he had been placed into the erotic scene skilfully by her Black Daddy. But this was risky, this was stupid, this was... The sound of a throat being cleared caused her to turn, her thoughts of abandoning the meeting becoming mist in her mind as her heart began to thump at the sight of him.

Leroy had approached her quietly and now stood as still as a statue just a few feet from her. Her first impression was his maleness. That seemed a stupid thing to think but it was his MALENESS. He was stocky, maybe a shade over 5'8 in height but seemed almost as wide across his shoulders. The black man was in his early 50's, sporting a long full beard that reached to his chest and a shaven head. A leather jacket, black shirt and black pants topped off with aviator sunglasses combined to give him a grim, menacing demeanour. Terri could tell straight away the he didn't have the open friendliness of Dontrell or the polished style of Jay about him. When he stepped closer to her she felt her stomach lurch from the thrill of his masculinity. There was no hesitation, he just reached out and took her hand before turning towards the parking lot adjacent to the conservatory. He led and Terri, her apprehensions forgotten, followed.

They had reached the first line of cars before he spoke to her.

"So, do you prefer Terri or Baby Girl? He asked.

"Whatever seems right at the time I suppose" she answered honestly, remembering Dontrell's lessons and savouring the feeling of her small white hand engulfed by his far larger black one.

"Hmmm, well you call me Uncle Leroy or Sir. You'll know when it's a Sir moment" he said stopping beside a large SUV and pulling the passenger door open. "In you get then.... niece".

Terri didn't know much about cars but this one seemed expensive and large. She felt she had climb into seat, the interior seemed vast until he climbed in the driver's side, his bulk eating into the space. Twisting to reach for the seatbelt she noticed the backseat had children's toys scattered across it. He couldn't talk freely yesterday and now had shown up in a family car with toys in it. Terri wasn't a fool; she knew what that meant and yet it didn't stop her putting on her seat belt. He had made his choice the same as she had, who was she to judge.

Leroy eased the SUV out of the parking lot and into the late morning traffic. He turned the volume down on the radio and glanced across at Terri who was sitting nervously beside him, her hands clasping and unclasping together as she waited on him to start up the conversation.

"So, let me break it down for you Baby Girl. Your Uncle here is married and I don't have the time to see you the way Dontrell told me he took care of you. I can get loose sometimes but from what I understand, a fine piece like you needs more than that. That means I am gonna get me some of you today and then I'm going to hook you up this week with..." he paused for a moment before letting out a low snort of amusement and continuing. "Yeah, with a cousin of yours. He's a bit younger than me, older than you but he does love his family and he hasn't the same concerns I have with privacy".

Terri nodded, smiled nervously and glanced out the window. So not one new sex partner but two. How big was her fake family going to get? A familiar sound caused her to look back at Leroy. He had unbuckled and then unzipped his pants, his cock, familiar to Terri from repeated viewings of the video the day before already semi erect.

"Unbuckle that seat belt and come suck your Uncle'sblack dick girl" Leroy said, adding, "And this would be one of those Sir moments".

"Yes Sir". Terri responded and unclipped her belt, the width of the SUV and her short size meant she was able to lean her head over his crotch with ease. She guided the black cock into her mouth, sucking it to its full size in a matter of moments, pausing only to coat the shaft with spit so that she could start working her hand along its shaft while she suckled gratefully on the first 4 inches of its length. The feel of a black cock in her hand and mouth quietened her mind and her unease disappeared, replaced with the now all too familiar hunger inside her.

"Uh uh girl, just your mouth, yeah that's right." Leroy said and Terri released the hard black cock from her hand, instead pushing it deeper into her throat as she lowered her head still more. Leroy took one hand off the steering wheel so that he could rest it on her head, gripping a handful of hair occasionally as Terri used just her mouth to pleasure him.

All to soon Leroy pulled her off him by her hair, Terri gasping for breath but pulling against his grip, trying to get her mouth filled again with cock. He lightly slapped her across the cheek, watching as her eyes became more focused. "Dontrell was right, you are fucking addicted to the cock aint ya?" Leroy began pulling his clothes back in order as Terri realised that they had come to a stop. She could see that they were just outside the city, parked opposite a motel, a glowing florescent sign on her side of the vehicle showing her the hourly and daily rates for rooms.

The young black guy at the desk looked bored until Terri walked up to his desk. He openly admired her so that Terri felt a faint blush beginning to stain her pale cheeks. When Leroy stepped in behind her, he placed his hand possessively on her ass. The motel clerk's knowing grin caused the faint blush to grow hotter still and Terri's obvious embarrassment only made him smirk even more. Leroy had already told her as they walked to the office that she would be paying for the room. She started to hand over a credit card, Leroy pinched her ass hard and shook his head. Realising her mistake, she used cash instead. "MmmmHmmm, you have fun now brother" the clerk called after them as they made their way to the ground floor room halfway down the length of the building.

Their room was right beside the motel parking lot, the door just a few feet from where Leroy had parked his SUV. As Leroy used the key to open the door Terri glanced back to see the teenaged clerk standing at the door of the office, clearly having admired her as she'd walked away. Inside, the room was thankfully clean but had clearly not had its furnishings updated in the last couple of decades. A grubby window with equally grubby curtains on the wall beside the door, a chair in the corner beside the window, an old tv, a small closet and a big bed. Across the room was a door leading to the bathroom.

Leroy took a cell from his pocket and tapped in a quick text. "Just letting my wife know I am in a meeting for work so she can't get hold of me for a while. Don't want her calling in the middle and putting me off my game." Terri smiled and replied, "Good thinking Uncle Leroy", earning her a rare grin from the stolid looking black man. Leroy walked into the bathroom and moments later Terri could hear the sound of him peeing. She took off her coat, hanging it over the back of the only chair in the room and sat on the bed to remove her shoes.

When Leroy came back out of the bathroom, he removed some items from his jacket pockets. "I noticed you keep a neat little bush of pubic hair" he said adding "I want it gone". He handed over a lady'srazor and some foam to Terri and indicated that the bathroom was hers with a slight jerk of his head. As she closed the bathroom door, she could see him turning on the TV and settling down at the edge of the bed.

It didn't take her long to remove her pubic triangle but how she would explain it to Dean escaped her. That said, it could be a few days before he even noticed so she had time to think up something. Terri left the shaving items on the sink and stepped back into the room, now nude, her clothes folded in her arms. Leroy had also stripped down and was standing beside the bed watching her emerge. Terri paused to look at him properly as she hadn't had much time to consider him in the whirlwind of events since the Conservatory. He was only a little above average height maybe but now his shirt was removed she saw he was massively muscled. His deltoids and trapezius muscles were over developed, giving him that massive broad appearance across his shoulders. His pecs were big slabs of hard muscle across his chest, his abs and his arms and legs similarly muscled and toned. This was a man who had spent long hours weight training.

His cock was a match for Dontrell's which made her wonder if all black men were similarly endowed or had she merely had the good fortune to meet the best in her short experience. She couldn't help but consider the difference between these men and her husband in body and penis. Dean was younger but his lifestyle and food tastes had robbed him of whatever advantage his age might have provided with regards to a body comparison. Fate or genetics, she guessed, had robbed him as regards a cock comparison too. These men were much larger soft than Dean was fully erect.r"












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