Reality Need Not Apply Ch. 05

Dear Reader,

If you've read chapters 1-4 and are now ready to read chapter 5 of my story - a huge thank you! If you are starting at chapter 5, I strongly encourage you to start at chapter 1 so the story will make a lot more sense to you. This story features women being called sluts and sexually objectified. Just know all sexual acts are consensual and enjoyed by all participating parties.

As a warning - this story features the piercing of nipples and the labia. As a woman who very much loves her very private piercings, and would love a few more, I also know piercings are not for everyone. This story works to convey my love of piercings. If you think this will bother you, I suggest skipping over the part about Amanda and Sabina getting their girly bits and bobbles pierced. However, I also request, especially if you have enjoyed this story so far, that you not skip over this entire chapter. I promise not every part of this story will be about Amanda and Sabina's piercings.

Finally, feel free to leave your comments, good or critical. Want to ask a question or give a longer comment, email me. I greatly appreciate this community and want to hear from you.


Reality Need Not Apply Ch. 05

I opened my eyes and stretched my body - my very thoroughly used and abused body. Both my ass and pussy were protesting in that pleasantly stretched and fucked sort of way. I looked over at Dylan and smiled. We had professed our love for one another yesterday. After he fucked me in the shower yesterday, I serviced 12 more cocks with my mouth, ass, and pussy. Yet this man next to me tells me how hot that makes him and thanks me for allowing him to pimp out my body anyway he wants.

I could hardly say no to him. I love that he treats me like a slut, telling me to spread my legs for his business clients, and letting me fuck his three friends, Sabina, and occasionally Johnny. He always seems to know my limit and makes sure I am well cared for after any major sexual activities. I had never been more sexually satiated and hungry at the same time in my entire life.

I snuggle under the covers and move close to Dylan's sleeping form. He immediately puts a possessive arm around my body and pulls me closer.

"Hey, babe," he greets me drowsily.

"Hey, hun," I say and kiss him on the head. "You need to get up soon. I can't handle being the office slut another day. I'm resting my body so you can record it getting pierced."

Dylan chuckles, and sits up right. "Babe, come get in the shower with me. I need to fill you with my cum at least once," Dylan says while standing up, his morning wood looking oh so inviting.

I follow Dylan to the bathroom and turn the shower on to heat up the water. I hop in and let the water soothe all my girly bits. Dylan joins me soon after and is soaped and shampooed in a matter of minutes.

"Babe, suck my cock," he orders.

I immediately go down on my knees and take his cock into my mouth. Dylan wraps his hand around the back of my head and slowly fucks my face, his cock growing until it hits the back of my throat. He pulls out and grasps me by the arm to pull me upright.

"Bend over, hold that shelf, and spread." I again do as I am told, my own wetness mingling with the shower water. Dylan inserts one and then two fingers into my pussy and pumps them a few times. He lines his cock up and thrusts it into me.

"Play with your clit, slut. Squeeze my cock with your pussy."

I furiously rub my clit, loving the feel of my piercing and the handcuff charms, marking me as Dylan's property, bumping against my fingers. Dylan pumps into me, slowly, teasingly at first. I moan in pleasure and a little frustration.

He leans over and says, "When your nipples are pierced, I may never let you wear clothes in our home again."

"Whatever you want me to do. I'm your good little slut."

"Every time a delivery or repair man comes to the door, I might require you spread your legs and offer to let them fuck you. You'd like that wouldn't you, my beautiful slut."

"I'll fuck anyone you tell me fuck, Dylan. You own my pussy." I whimper as my orgasm builds.

Dylan picks up the pace, gripping my breasts hard, as he fucks me.

My orgasm starts at my clit and then explodes outwards, radiating through my body. Dylan goes rigid behind me, groans and cums in me. Once Dylan catches his breath, he leans forward and murmurs into my ear, "I love you, Amanda."

"I love you too, Dylan. And I love being your good little slut."

Dylan kisses the side of my neck and nips my earlobes. "Stay naked for me today," Dylans says as he fondled my breasts. "You have my permission to be as slutty as you want. You order a pizza and feel like having the delivery guy fuck you, just record it and send me the video."

"Fuck, I love it when you talk to me that way," I say, while reaching down to rub my clit.

Nipping my other earlobe and pinching my nipples between his fingers, Dylan says,"You want to work out naked, just make sure you spread that pink pussy of yours for the fan club. You want to fuck your fan club or let Rob's cock plow into you, just spread your legs wide."

"Yes, fuck yes," I garble, while rubbing my clit again.

"Yesterday, I loved watching you take all those cocks in the office. Your pussy and ass completely open and on display. It was fucking hot. I couldn't get enough of seeing it."

I keep rubbing my clit, moaning and repeating "Yes" to everything Dylan is telling me. I cum again hard, forcing most of Dylan's cum out of me.

"Damn, you turn me on so much," I tell Dylan.

Dylan pulls me tight against him and just holds me, burying his face in the side of my neck. I lean into him, enjoying the feeling of his weight against my back.

Eventually, the shower gets a bit cool so we get out. Just like Dylan asks, I don't put any clothes on as I head out to the main living area.

"Good morning, darlin'," Johnny greets me as he takes a sip of coffee.

"Hiya Johnny."

"You're looking quite fuckable this morning," Johnny observes.

I walk into the kitchen, turn around so my ass is facing Johnny, and lean forward using the countertop to brace my body. I spread my legs wide so Johnny can view all my bits.

"Fuck, Amanda, why do you do that to me?" groans Johnny.

"It's okay, Johnny. Dylan says I'm his good little slut and can fuck anyone I want today."

Dylan walks out of the bedroom, fully dressed, looking sexy in his expensive suit.

"Good morning, Johnny," he says as he pours himself a cup of coffee. "Are you going to leave my slut hanging like that? She's open and available all day. I told her no clothing today."

Johnny sets down his coffee cup and unzips his pants.

"Johnny, bring that cock over here so I can suck on it and get it nice and hard for my pussy."

Johnny walks up to me and I bend over to take his cock in my mouth. I lick it, suck the the tip, and then bob my head up and down on it until it is nice and hard. Johnny pulls out quickly.

"Your mouth is just too good to leave my cock in it for too long," Johnny chuckles as he makes his way behind me. In one quick thrust, he enters me and then starts pumping in and out of me at a leisurely pace. Johnny was taking his time enjoying my pussy.

Dylan leans back on the countertop, sipping his coffee, and enjoying the show. Philip walks out of his and Sabina's bedroom, fully dressed and looking just as sexy in a suit.

"Your slut's already putting her pussy to good use this morning," notes Philip.

"Yup, gave her free reign with her pussy today. She can fuck whoever she wants."

"Good morning, Johnny. I see your morning is starting out exceptionally well."

"No complaints here," says Johnny.

"Hey slut," Philip says, "put your leg up on the countertop so I can have a better view while enjoying my coffee."

Johnny pauses a moment and helps me lift my leg so it is resting on the countertop.

"Now that's a sweet view," purrs Philip. He pours himself a cup of coffee, and leans back on the countertop next to Dylan to watch my pussy getting fucked. I love the audience and feel my pussy gushing a bit more knowing I am being watched.

Derek and Jeremy come through the door both dressed in some sexy fine business suits. Someone important must be coming for them to all look so good.

"Good morning, everyone," Derek's radio voice booms. "Oh and a very good morning it is. Hey, Johnny, do me a favor and cum in her mouth. I hate sloppy seconds and really need a good fuck."

"No, problem," Johnny agrees.

"Where's our other delectable slut? She could be out here taking care of a few cocks," asks Jeremy.

"Sleeping off being one of the office sluts," responds Philip.

"Too bad, guess I'll enjoy a good show," Jeremy shrugs as he walks over to pour himself a cup of coffee.

Johnny speeds up his thrusts and begins playing with my clit. He leaves me just on the edge of an orgasm as he pulls out. "Suck my cock, Darlin'."

I don't bother complaining about not getting off. I figure Derek will help me out. I already see him stripping off his suit and laying it flat on the kitchen table.

I suck Johnny's cock and fondle his balls. Furiously, my head bobs up and down waiting for him to fill my mouth with his cum. With a quick intake of breath, Johnny releases his seed onto my tongue. Some drips over my lips and falls on to my tits. I lick the cum off my lips and then use my finger to scoop it off my tit and put it into my mouth.

"Slut, get your pussy over here," orders Derek. I see him sitting on the couch, his hard cock standing proudly at attention. "I've got a fun ride for you, slut. Come hop on."

I run over to Derek and quickly straddle him. He shoves me down hard, forcing his cock into me up to the hilt. "Fuck, that's good," groans Derek. He lifts me up and down, forcing me to slam onto his cock.

Derek looks up and to the side of me. The rest of the men have moved into the living room to enjoy the show. "Speaking of fucking," Derek says in a conversational tone, "I've received an interesting proposition for our Dallas night club."

"Baby, stand up and lean over the couch so I can keep fucking you and talking," Derek orders.

I quickly pull myself up, watching Derek's cock, shiny and wet, bounce back and forth with its release from my pussy. Bracing myself on the couch, I feel Derek enter me again.

"What proposition did you get?" asks Dylan as he watches Derek grope my tits.

"The club is two floors, and one of my investors would like to turn the top floor into a sex club," Derek says, his pace in me slow and steady.

"We'll have to phrase our description of the club a certain way to get around some legal roadblocks, but I think we could make it work," notes Jeremy.

"Good, because for the grand opening, we're bringing our two favorite sluts, and we're all gonna have a good time," Derek says with a note of glee. He begins fucking me harder, while playing with my clit. In a minute or two, I am experiencing my third load of cum of the morning, and a leg shaking orgasm.

"Damn, slut," Sabina grumbles as she walks out of her bedroom just in time to see Derek pull out of me. Johnny, the ever helpful gent he is, hands me a tissue.

"I swear, girl, you do not know how to keep your legs shut any more," Sabina says as she pours herself a cup of coffee.

"Bitch, just get naked with me. Dylan says I have to be naked all day, but I can fuck absolutely anyone I want."

Sabina sets down her coffee and strips her clothes off. "Any of you need me to ride your cock?" Sabina offers as she props a leg up on the countertop.

"Hey babydoll, you stay naked with Amanda today. We all have an important meeting, but we'll try to be home before the piercing artist gets here. We'll all make sure your pussy gets all the love it needs."


At noon, Rob comes over for our afternoon workout.

"Hello, I do love the greeting ladies, but where are your workout clothes or any clothes at all?"

"We're not allowed to wear clothes today," Sabina explained.

I walk up to Rob and grab his arm, making sure to rub my tits on it, and ask, "You don't mind if we work out naked, right?"

"Don't mind her, Rob. Dylan said she can fuck whoever she wants today."

"Huh, a workout where a man is a woman's personal trainer and then it suddenly turns into sex. Where have I seen that before?" smirks Rob.

"I don't know what to tell you, Rob, my life is just one giant porno," I quip.

"Ladies, how about you each bring a dildo, one of those fun kinds with a suction cup at the bottom," Rob suggests.

We each retrieve a dildo and then follow Rob out of our penthouse. Rob makes a point to slow down and have us pass him. "Might as well enjoy the view."

In the workout center, our fan club trio is already there, working out; at least they were until they saw us.

"Hey Ben, Chris, and Sean. I hope you don't mind if these lovely ladies work out in the nude today."

"Nope, no problem," Chris says with a grin. He was getting even more buff. When he first started working out, he was about 20 pounds overweight, but now he was developing muscle tone.

I walk right up to Chris and lean into him, "You're looking really good, Chris. Look at these muscles you're getting," I gush.

"Hey, Chris, I'll save you some time and embarrassment," Sabina says, "you wanna fuck Amanda, just whip out your dick and the slut will spread her legs for you."

"It's true," I smile.

"Amanda get your naked ass over here and start stretching. Hold off on the porno for at least 30 minutes. You missed yesterday's workout," Rob orders.

I roll my eyes, and say, "Yeah, I was making an office porno yesterday." Then I grab Chris's hand and place it on my tit. "Go on, squeeze my tit." Chris smiles and raises his other hand to squeeze both my tits. I smirk at him and then go stand next to Sabina to stretch. We both turn our asses to the three men so when we bend over, they get a nice pussy view.

I work out hard until sweat is pouring down me. Rob smacks my ass, and says, "That's some good focus. Now we can have a little fun with your dildos." Rob takes each dildo and suctions them to separate benches. The benches are turned perpendicular to the wall so we have to straddle them.

"Ladies, we're going to do a burnout round of squats. You're going to straddle these benches and every time you lower yourself down, you need to make sure you fuck the dildo. Got it?"

"Yup, but first, I need a little lubricant." I saunter back over to Chris and lift my foot so it's balancing on the front edge of the exercise's bike seat.

"Hey there handsome. Apparently, I'm not allowed to direct or star in any cliche pornos about working out my pussy with a cock, but I'm hoping you'll finger fuck me and get me good and wet."

Chris reaches out and inserts a finger in my pussy. He's tentative at first. "Come on, baby, you can do better than that." Chris inserts a second finger and hooks them. He starts pumping slowly at first.

"Hey, Rob, get over and record these fingers in my pussy. Dylan will want to see this."

Rob walks over to me, phone out, and starts recording. "So Dylan and probably Philip, I show up to your penthouse to get your girls for a workout and this is what I see." Rob flips the camera around so it shows my naked body being finger fucked.

"Hey, hun. Chris here is just getting me good and wet." Rob does a close up of Chris's fingers fucking my pussy.

Sabina walks over to Ben and says, "Hey handsome, mind helping me out?" and then lifts her leg on to the seat of the exercise bike. "Rob, come record Ben helping me out."

Rob walks over to Sabina and aims the phone directly at her. He does a full body shot and then goes in close to show Ben's finger furiously moving in and out of Sabina's pussy.

"Mmm, Ben,that feels so good. Rub my clit," sighs Sabina.

Chris, apparently listening to Sabina, begins rubbing my clit and I feel an orgasm building. "That's good, Chris, I'm so close," I moan.

Rob backs up so he can get both Sabina and I in the shot. "Who will cum first? Maybe you should pause the video here and take bets," Rob narrates. "My money is on Sabina. She told Ben to attack her clit right away. Excellent form, my man."

"Rob, I'm coming," cries out Sabina. I watch as her body goes rigid, her chest thrusts out, and her legs shake. She lets out a strangled moan and cums all over Ben's fingers. Rob focuses on Sabina's body, being sure to get a close up of Ben's soaked fingers. "Here, let me help you with that mess," smiles Sabina as she pulls Ben's fingers into her mouth and licks them clean, while looking directly into the camera.

Chris began pumping his fingers in me with much more enthusiasm as his thumb works my clit. I grab onto the handle of the bike to hold myself upright. Rob gets a close up Chris's fingers driving into me. Chris leans forward and takes one of my nipples into his mouth, sucking on it almost painfully hard.

A pair of hands suddenly grab my ass. I look behind me to see that Sean has now joined the fun. His hands reach up and grope my tits, pinching my nipples.

"Chris," Sean says over my shoulder, "let's cum on her tits and then watch her ride her dildo."

Chris pulls his fingers out of me, and reaches down to pull out his dick. Sean moves to stand by him, his cock already in hand. I bend over, grabbing Sean's cock to stroke it while I suck Chris's member.

"Well, Dylan and Philip," Rob narrates, as he moves his phone close to my face, "I tried to prevent a cliche porno from breaking out, but it seems your girls have other ideas. Even Sabina," Rob continues as he moves toward my friend, "is giving head. But the fun part is these wet, puffy pussies. Look at how pink and wet Sabina's tight little pussy is."

Rob moves back behind me, "Of course, we can't leave out Amanda's pussy." Rob uses his knee to part my legs further apart. "Look at how much this juicy pussy is dripping." I feel Rob rubbing his finger up and down my slit, spreading my wetness. "Just because I like taking such good care of your girls, I am going to show you how wet Amanda's wet pussy is with a little demonstration."

I feel Rob's cockhead push into my entrance. I push back so my pussy can swallow Rob's cock. He uses his free hand to grip my hip and begins pumping his dick in and out of me.

"Fuck, her pussy is nice. So wet and tight. Dylan, I hope you fuck this tight twat daily. Look at how her little pussy sucks in my cock." After several more thrusts into my pussy, Rob pulls out, much to my irritation, but I can only make a garbled protest because Sean is holding the back of my head as he fucks my mouth.

"Let's check out Sabina's pussy. I have to be fair and try them both out." Rob is silent a few seconds until I hear him say, "Fuck, this pussy is good too."

I don't hear the rest of Rob's narration as a very aggressive Sean drags my attention back. He grips the hair on the back of my head and pulls my mouth off his cock. "Get ready for my load. It's going all over those pretty tits of yours." I squat down and hold my breasts up to catch Sean's load.

"Rob, come catch this money shot," Sean says through clenched teeth.

Rob walks over to me, his hard dick glistening, as it bounces over his workout shorts. He aims his phone at Sean's dick. "Let's see you cover her tits with your cum," Rob directs.

Sean pumps his dick a few more times until a huge stream of cum ejaculates from it. Ropes of cum hit my chin and breasts. Rob turns his phone toward my face and chest. "Look at this cum covered slut. Let's get another load on these tits." Rob turns his phone towards Chris, focusing on him as he pumps his cock few more times until he cums with a groan, and even more cum hits my tits.

"That's one cum covered slut. Now let's check on our other girl."r"


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